Friday, February 05, 2010

I haunt this

_DSC9084, originally uploaded by thaddeusss.

the fog in the mountains here is amazing- every time it rains, sometimes when it doesn't, it clings to the folds in the hills and highlights the topography as well as the trees. I can't count how many times I have tried to capture it and been disappointed by how the sense of magic gets lost in that little box. I think this might finally come close.

the queen

_DSC8932, originally uploaded by thaddeusss.

I finally took the plunge and upgraded my equipment - as well as switching manufacturers to nikon, mostly due to nikon's CLS system that allows in-camera control of remotely placed wireless flashes. this was one I took just trying to learn a little about how the system works, and how to use it. I'm not sure I could have gotten this photo without this system, because my walking back and forth to change settings on the flash would have distracted sucia and made her more interested in what I was doing than in lying in the sun. which is what she was doing.