Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a guy and his dog

it was such an odd moment, I couldn't help but violate the photo. I had parked my truck near penney park (local playground) and was unloading my dirt bike to go for a ride, and up putts this guy with a dog on his lap. he's riding an old DT, which was pretty much the same as the first bike I ever owned. he took me across town to show me some trails to ride on. in the process, we crossed the highway, and since he doesn't have a license he pushed his bike. the dog sat on the seat while he pushed. while we were on the trail, his dog running alongside, he stopped rather suddenly so he could point out a jet and contrail and tell me about how they're seeding the clouds with chemicals that both make the clouds disappear and will make us all sick. an interesting fellow all around...


treehugger said...

only weird people choose to have pitbulls.

longge said...

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