Sunday, December 14, 2008

I am giving you this

I am giving you this, originally uploaded by thaddeusss.

sometimes dealing with roadkill I have a hard time dealing with feelings of disgust and frustration - rotting flesh can be disgusting, and if you want to preserve what you can of it, it's very difficult to keep from spreading the filth all over everything. last night I took care of a coyote that had suffered a blow to the chest that burst the capillaries in her lungs. out in the cold and without horrendous internal trauma, she was preserved as if still close to life. I had no sense of squeamishness about her flesh that I often have with roadkills. as I finished pulling the skin from her face, I was struck by the way the blood looked so much like tears. I am grateful to her for giving me her flesh to eat, for giving me her beautiful coat to wear, but most of all for showing me that bringing the dead back to life can be satisfying and beautiful .