Sunday, December 14, 2008

my head is swimming

my head is swimming, originally uploaded by thaddeusss.

yes, i'ts been a long time since I've last posted. my computer was dying... but I have a new one! and it snowed on the beach today! I woke up before dawn and dragged claire out to the spit to see the snow on the dunes.


heather c. said...

Thaddeus Koster, it's your birthday and I have no idea the best way to reach you. This might work. I hope you are having a beautiful winter and a restful birthday.

I love you and miss you, and although I haven't seen you in a million years, I feel better knowing you are in the world.

heather c. said...

My dear boy, if there's any possible way for me to see you, consider it done. When? Are you headed to Durango? Hopefully it doesn't get totally snowed in! Hopefully I don't get snowed in... :)